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The 2024 Cody Hotline School will be held on August 12th through August 15th, 2024 in Cody, Wyoming at the Lineman Training Field. Classroom training will be held at Holiday Inn, located at 1701 Sheridan Ave. The school is set up so that enrollees can travel to the school on Sunday, and return home on Friday.

  • Please plan your travel so that you may stay for the entire 4 days of training.

2024 class registration will open in February of 2024


This course will cover Recloser Types and Recloser Operation with an emphasize on Cooper Powers Systems NOVA Recloser and Form 6 Controls. Will cover recloser operation, and go over Form 6 front panel layout and operation, control settings, control testing, and troubleshooting.


This course will teach basic pole climbing skills through technique and positioning. Proper care and maintenance of climbing tools.


This field course is designed for both the beginner and advanced student. Will teach working with sticks and other hotline tools to change insulators, bells, ties, arms,and poles safely. Proper care of sticks and other live line tools. Proper positioning and ways to do the job safely.


This course is designed to Introduce students to stringing equipment, methods to replace energized conductors in a safe way using hot arms, and tensioning equipment.


This course is designed to teach the Basics of Metering. It will cover Safety in Metering, Service Loading and Troubleshooting Techniques, covering Self Contained, Transformer Rated metering, and associated equipment. Installation Checks, meter testing, Verifying and testing CT’s and PT’s, Hands on wiring and testing metering installations.


This field course is designed to explore different manners of achieving day to day rubber gloving tasks in a safe manner, and to minimize potential danger. 

Students must bring their own hand tools, rubber gloves, rubber sleeves, harnesses, hard hats, safety glasses, long sleeve shirts and related PPE.

*Students will be assigned to an instructor based on there experience*


This Course will cover distribution/transmission substation safety, switching, and mobile substations

Day 1 - Distribution/Transmission substation safety
 o    Substation overview
 o    Substation entry
 o    Substation apparatus overview
 o    Substation inspection and preventative maintenance
 o    Substation hazards
 o    Control house overview
 o    SCADA

Day 2 – Switching 
 o    Safety
 o    Understanding switching protocol and procedure
 o    Switchman responsibility and tagging
 o    Power grid reliability responsibility
 o    In-field hands-on switching (PPE required)

Day 3 – Mobile substations
 o    Safety
 o    Selection of mobile substation
 o    Transportation, setup, testing, and pre-energizing checks
 o    Energizing and picking up load
 o    Inspecting the mobile in service
 o    Responding to trouble and re-energizing the mobile
 o    Removing mobile from service and disassembling


The transmission course is designed to teach work on transmission lines with voltages from 230kV down to 44kV levels.  The hotsticking provided is pointed towards the safe hotline maintenance procedures, teaching proper tool maintenance and care.  This course is not designed for beginning climbers.  
Must be experienced lineman.  Some experience on poles taller than distribution poles. Knowledge of safe working clearances and transmission voltages.  Basic knowledge of rigging.

Students must bring their own climbing tools, hand tools, hardhat and other PPE.  Use of two safety straps required when climbing.


This course will cover the installation and safety precautions of working on underground cable as well how to locate buried cable. Will learn how to locate a fault, the terminations of underground cable, and proper use and care of tools and equipment as it relates to underground work.

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